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Christian Events

TAG Events understands that your everyday life along with your ministry responsibilities can become overwhelming.  That's why we are to help you plan the events that you may need to organize.  

Private Parties

Planning an event can be very time-consuming and stressful at the same time if you’re not sure what to look for.  Whatever event you are planning, TAG is here to plan so you can party!!!  We want you to be able to enjoy your event and not have to worry about the details.  All you have to do is tell us your vision and watch us make it a reality. 


Cruise, Island, Vacation

Imagine yourself on the high seas, being able to see every sunrise and sunset and moving about the cabin at your leisure.  It's literally a hotel on water and you won't even feel that your moving.  Who wouldn't want to visit different destinations in one trip, be waited on hand and foot and have all the food you can eat.  You can go by yourself or with a group and have the greatest time ever. 

Domestic,Travel, Getaway
Domestic Travel

From Honeymoons, Family vacations or just a plain "I need a break" vacation.  As TAG plans, all you have to do is pack and be ready to go.  Visit the Grand Canyon, Taste the BBQ in Texas or party in Las Vegas.  Go anywhere in the United States and we can coordinate the trip of a lifetime.

International,Travel, Getaway, Vacation
International Travel

Want to do something different?  Enjoy an exotic experience like never before visiting other countries to learn about different cultures and a whole new way of life.  Traveling abroad affords you the opportunity to learn a new language, taste the native delicacies and see the world like never before.  Whether you're thinking about Europe, Thailand, Dubai or Vietnam let TAG help plan this special time.

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